WSP offers a full suite of integrated services that meet all financial and aesthetic needs, based on our experience having designed, built, maintained and managed thousands of bridge projects.

From the onset of modern civilization, bridges have been both iconic images and vital transportation routes that have helped to connect our world. From early designs using natural resources, to modern engineering techniques and advances in building materials, bridge construction has evolved in unison with the increasing demands of humankind.

Today’s bridges have become lifelines for major cities, and transportation agencies face a myriad of challenges to optimize the flow of goods and people. From ensuring the operability of aging structures, to planning, financing and constructing modern replacements that improve accessibility, solutions to the challenges posed by bridges are essential to social and economic development.

WSP’s expertise extends to all types of bridges, from viaducts and interchanges, to railway and pedestrian bridges, and even wildlife crossings. Having designed, analyzed, built, maintained and managed thousands of bridge projects, we are able to offer fully integrated services that meet all financial and aesthetic requirements.


William H. Natcher Bridge

The William H. Natcher Bridge connects Owensboro, Kentucky to Rockport, Indiana.

Designing for Resiliency

All bridges require optimal designs to ensure resistance against wind, earthquakes and other external forces. Innovations in materials, equipment and construction methods have allowed us to cross great distances in safer ways, while minimizing environmental impacts. To create infrastructure that is resilient and sustainable, our bridge experts work with the latest design tools, including BIM, 3D analysis and modeling systems.

We know that all bridges are unique and require a good comprehension of the local geology, hydrology and wind forces. The development of reliable computer software for predicting structural behaviors, both during and after construction, has helped pave the way to higher, longer and more resilient bridges.

Balancing technically challenging designs with complex site considerations, our projects have won numerous prestigious awards for engineering excellence. As a measure of our efforts, we are proud to have been selected as the Top Bridge Design Firm (#1) for 2017 in a survey published by Roads and Bridges magazine.


Comprehensive Services

Our services are comprehensive, ranging from feasibility studies and environmental permitting, through preliminary and final design, to construction management and inspection. We offer specialized expertise, such as seismic retrofit and rehabilitation design, in addition to overall program management on behalf of an owner. Our experience includes steel and concrete bridges, as well as state-of the-art thermoplastic and FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) bridges.

Our assignments range in size and scope from simple studies and assessments to complex multi-billion-dollar multidisciplinary efforts—and in every case we are committed to responding to our clients’ needs with cost-effective, sustainable solutions that promote safe and efficient travel.


Woodrow Wilson Bridge Replacement Banner

Woodrow Wilson Bridge,  United States