As environmental professionals within a multidisciplinary global infrastructure company, we understand the connectivity in and among natural and man-made ecosystems. Our relationships with clients and communities, and the collaborations within our own organization, are all connected in much the same way. This perspective drives us to meet each challenge in the context of the big picture, and to deliver innovative Future ReadyTM solutions informed by trends in climate, society, technology and resources.

Customized Environmental Solutions for Specific Project Needs

While every human activity and development impacts the natural world, WSP applies best practices and balanced approaches to protect the environment. Our priority is to understand our clients’ technical challenges and business needs, and provide sustainable and environmentally sound solutions to real problems. WSP’s reputation is built on helping clients worldwide mitigate risk, manage and reduce impacts, and maximize success in health and safety, sustainability, climate change, energy and the environment. 

WSP’s 7,500 environmental experts are passionate about delivering practical strategies to study, protect, enhance and restore the natural environment. We share resources and expertise globally, and customize teams to address specific project needs at every stage of a project’s life cycle, from initial environmental impact assessment and socioeconomic studies through feasibility, construction, operation, project decommissioning and final reclamation. 

Cross-market Collaboration

Future ReadyTM development relies on a solid environmental foundation. WSP provides this foundation across all major infrastructure markets—transportation, water, buildings, mining, power and energy, government and industry. From cleaning up the most complex brownfield sites to supporting major infrastructure development, our environmental staff are committed to applying reliable science, engineering and management consulting to improve communities.

An Agile Approach in a Changing World

Global climate change is presenting new challenges. Environmental rules and regulations vary across countries and are ever-changing. Digital technologies are revolutionizing the tools we use and how we deliver work. 

Responding to constant change in a complex world, WSP’s experts stay up-to-date on the latest trends and challenges related to the environment. We have a strong research and innovation program, and publish regularly. We are thought leaders passionate about using our local knowledge and global scale to lead the transition to a more prosperous, resilient and sustainable society.