Environmental Planning

Due to heightened environmental awareness, public interest in sustainable development, and established environmental laws and regulations, projects often require environmental planning and review (including opportunities for public review and comment), as well as final approvals and permitting support prior to being launched.

With our multidisciplinary team of scientists, archaeologists, anthropologists, historians, planners, engineers, geographers, heritage specialists, economists, communications experts and more, WSP USA is well positioned to analyze the living environments in which projects are undertaken.

Our work reflects the specific needs of particular geographies and sectors. Our ability to draw on expertise from our offices around the world, across a broad range of environmental, social, economic and technical disciplines throughout the firm, is a key factor in delivering successful results. We offer both management and technical delivery capabilities, embedding our impact assessment expertise in projects across all infrastructure sectors.

From climate change considerations to integrated assessments – combining ethical, health, equality, environmental and social dimensions – our experts have insights on the latest developments in the field. Ever-evolving technologies enable digital delivery and augmented reality, providing clients with a very concrete and realistic understanding of their project’s impact. There is also a greater focus on stakeholder engagement, public consultation, and strategic planning, where we have extensive experience.

Our services include:
- Air quality, GHG, and climate change assessments
- Construction and environmental compliance
- Construction impact assessment
- Cultural resources (archaeology and historic preservation, Section 106)
- Environmental assessment (local, state and federal)
- Geographical information systems (GIS)
- Health impact assessment
- Hydrogeology and hydrology
- Land use planning
- Mitigation and habitat restoration
- Natural resources and environmental permitting
- Noise and vibration assessment and mitigation
- Open space and recreational resources (Section 4f)
- Social impact, equity and environmental justice
- Socio economic assessment
- Soil and groundwater contamination
- Stakeholder and public involvement
- Transportation impact assessment
- Visual impact assessment
- Water quality

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