Technology and Innovation

WSP USA is actively engaged in the research, planning, development and implementation of infrastructure technologies that advance the state of the practice. We offer policy and technical support to public and private clients, acting as the liaison between owners and the companies and innovators behind emerging technologies.

Improving the Way We Live, Commute and Travel

Technology applications are expanding into all aspects of our society and their impact is profound; cities, buildings, and infrastructure are becoming ever smarter, with solutions for smart mobility, security, healthcare, governance, cities, buildings, and cars becoming commonplace.

Technologies vary widely across sectors:

  • Vehicles today are able to detect hazards and notify the driver or automatically react, reducing the number of accidents.
  • Bridges can be programmed to transmit data related to structural integrity, avoiding bridge failures.
  • Buildings can include sensors to monitor operating systems and identify and schedule repairs.
  • Geospatial data can be used to develop and manage infrastructure assets using information models that incorporate inventory, operating, condition and financial information of assets.
  • Sensors can monitor and track huge amounts of data. This data is translated by cloud-based apps into useful intelligence which is then transmitted to machines on the ground that enable mobile, real-time responses.
  • Legacy systems brought on to support business needs on an ad hoc basis over the last few decades are being re-procured with more holistic, enterprise-level technologies.

Areas in which we provide thought leadership and technical expertise include: 

  • Civil integrated management (including geospatial data and 3D modeling)
  • Connected and automated vehicles
  • Technology-driven process improvements and solutions
  • Smart cities and smart buildings