National Highways' net zero carbon plan

WSP was lead advisor to National Highways in developing and implementing an ambitious roadmap to net zero by 2050.

England’s Strategic Road Network (SRN)

Passenger miles are travelled by road in the UK
9/10 9/10
Million daily journeys take place on roads managed by National Highways
4 4
Miles of motorways and roads are managed by National Highways
4,300 4,300
National Highways recognises the threat of climate change and the risks it poses for us all. That’s why we’ve pledged effective action to take carbon out of roads. It will put roads at the heart of the low carbon economy, while preserving the convenience and economic benefit of an efficient road network.
Nick Harris Chief Executive, National Highways
Most UK travel is by road today and this will still be the case in 2050, even with necessary strong investment in active travel and public transport. National Highways’ strategy will help deliver fossil free car and truck travel by 2050 as well as catalysing zero carbon construction in line with the UK Climate Change Committee’s recommendations.
David Symons Project Director, WSP