At WSP, we understand the many challenges involved in public sector development. We use our in-depth knowledge of social, political and economic conditions to deliver sustainable projects that meet the needs of local communities.

In our work for government institutions, WSP focuses on meeting the needs of all stakeholders throughout the entire project life cycle. We deliver comprehensive, innovative and cost-effective solutions. Working closely with clients and stakeholders, we deliver public infrastructure and buildings that make the best use of public funds and provide long-term outcome for end users.

Expertise for Every Public Infrastructure and Building Project

We enjoy long-term relationships with governments and municipalities throughout Canada. Our work, in cities of all sizes, includes municipal infrastructure, civic and government buildings, urban regeneration, public realm, and road and transit investments.

Our work for all levels of governments spans the entirety of our expertise. We have significant experience in complex alternative finance, like PPP/PFI programs, as well as in the road, transit, education, health and defense sectors.

Engineering UK Supreme Court


Strategic Transport Advice

As recognized global leaders in transport modelling, we provide strategic advice to major government transport agencies. Our range of integrated transport services include policy development, research into road pricing, city centre congestion charging, integrated land use and transport planning, master planning, and intelligent transport systems.

Our services in highways and bridges are complemented by our innovative work on sustainable transport. This specialty helps to identify new approaches to the planning, design and delivery of sustainable and active modes of transport, including walking, cycling and all modes of public transport.

Whether we are performing strategic land use modelling and strategic analysis, or implementing park-and-ride enhancements, we work to improve transport networks with the goal of contributing to the economic growth of affected communities.


High-profile Buildings

We have designed, evaluated and restored public buildings of every age and function. Our portfolio includes:

  • Civic buildings (libraries, museums and art galleries)
  • Social infrastructure (schools, hospitals, courthouses)
  • Prisons and halfway houses
  • Other government buildings (parliaments and city/town halls)

In addition to engineering design, we provide specialist services such as technical advice and due diligence, procurement support, project management, and property asset management.

Our sustainable solutions address the environmental pressures linked to the growing pace of human activities and the challenges of climate change.