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At WSP we understand that the development of a cost effective and sustainable supply of safe drinking water and effective wastewater treatment is of fundamental importance to the health and economic wellbeing of all communities. The Water team at WSP shares a history of close collaboration with clients, a reputation for delivering innovative and cost effective solutions to complex problems and leadership in integrating value based sustainable strategies in every aspect of project solutions.

WSP is a full service provider as it relates to Water. We plan, design, engineer and project manage water and wastewater treatment plants, booster stations, reservoirs, and sewage pumping stations, engineer large diameter transmission mains and tunnels, small diameter distribution mains, and conduct condition assessments and trenchless pipe rehabilitation and relining. In addition we provide a full range of infrastructure facilities support services and help our clients optimize their facilities with sustainable operating and maintenance practices. From project conception through design and construction, to commissioning and operations, the Water and Wastewater team has the resources and depth of expertise to meet client quality requirements and customer service expectations. 

Our Water team comprises structural, electrical, mechanical, and instrumentation and control subteams, all dedicated and available to contribute thought leadership and progressive design and sustainability concepts to client projects. Our team of 250 professionals is represented in every major City and Region across the country, and is one of the largest engineering consultancies in Canada within the water sector. 

We understand that water, and wastewater too, are valuable resources and not something to be simply disposed of. Therefore we take the total water cycle into consideration when engineering solutions and strive to solve our clients’ most complex water challenges by leveraging our experience and deep knowledge to deliver integrated, sustainable solutions. Our ability to develop creative and efficient approaches and offer options and innovative alternatives to address project challenges is a key differentiator of our team in the marketplace. Over the past five decades, our clients have relied on us to carry out a wide array of projects, some of which have received national and international awards. 

While our Water and Wastewater business sector is primarily focused on serving the needs of governmental, provincial and municipal clients, we have completed numerous projects for private clients. Our team has delivered successful projects for almost all of the major municipalities in Canada, including the cities of Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Winnipeg, Vancouver and Edmonton and the Regions of Peel, York and Durham. We know that our success is based on our clients’ success and we focus on building lasting relationships that enable us to support our clients to realize their long-term goals. Our local teams are part of our global network of experts that collaborate internationally; and therefore, we seek to assemble the strongest possible teams for each individual project, combining the very best of our global expertise with our detailed local knowledge and understanding. 

The Water and Wastewater team focuses on building specialized skills and knowledge, remaining current and competent whether designing conventional or advanced systems, and delivering projects on time, to world-class standards and within budget. Our approach to design evolution is to continually challenge the design basis to drive technical excellence and embed optimum life-cycle benefits in all project solutions. On the following pages we provide additional insight into each of the teams and the services we provide. 

Our specialized knowledge spans from the water source, to treatment to the tap, and from drain to treatment and back to the natural environment. Our clients value our integrated design approach and our capacity to provide a single point of contact and responsibility for the delivery all of services.


Complete Services for All Water or Wastewater Projects

Our water and wastewater expertise ranges from hydrogeologists to process engineers to specialized water and wastewater commissioning and construction management agents. Having all these specialties work together allows us provide our clients with a complete perspective to enable efficient and effective designs. We identify issues in the early stages to optimize usage, spatial and master planning, to minimize project costs, and deliver sustainable long-term solutions for communities. 


Preserving Water Assets, Infrastructure, and Supply

WSP works with authorities, utilities, and developers to preserve, manage, and improve water and wastewater infrastructure. Our advisory services include not only process design but a full array of environmental and financial services required to make balanced infrastructure decisions.  


Innovative Tools to Increase Efficiency

WSP has been on the forefront of introducing new design and modeling tools into the water and wastewater sector.  This includes utilizing laser scanning and 3D modeling to new techniques in watermain relining.  We are proud to be working with some of Canada’s most prestigious Universities to bring fresh approaches to water and wastewater management. 
With water and wastewater experts globally we are able to leverage technology and expertise that maybe common in other jurisdictions to the Canadian Market.

Innovation is a key pillar of WSP and our water team has fully embraced the support and desire to bring innovation to the water and wastewater community. 


Practice Areas

  • Surface water, groundwater and drinking water treatment
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Wet weather flow treatment / facilities
  • Raw water intakes
  • Primary, secondary and tertiary wastewater treatment (MLE, CAS, BNR, MBBR, SBR, IFAS, membranes) 
  • Biological filtration, membrane filtration, and nanofiltration
  • Desalination, ozonation and UV disinfection
  • Advanced biosolids treatment (anaerobic digestion) and energy recovery / co-generation
  • Residual management, and discharge and disposal
  • Air quality, odour control and safety management
  • Large diameter transmission mains and tunnels
  • Small diameter distribution mains
  • Condition assessment and rehabilitation
  • Asset Management 
  • Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation and Relining
  • In-ground and elevated reservoirs
  • Booster pumping stations
  • Local collection systems
  • Trunk sanitary sewers and tunnels
  • Large wastewater and stormwater pumping stations (rehabilitation and greenfield)
  • HVAC systems
  • SCADA / Instrumentation and Controls
  • Facility optimization
  • Integrated resource recovery
  • Sustainable operations and management
  • Stand-by Power and Electrical Engineering
  • Construction Management and Site Inspection
  • Commissioning 


Our Services

  • Feasibility studies
  • Treatability and pilot scale studies
  • Master planning 
  • Process selection and optimization
  • Structural and Electrical assessment and design
  • Receiving stream assessments and assimilative capacity studies
  • Condition assessments and rehabilitation
  • Hydraulic modelling and 3D design
  • Master stormwater infrastructure planning
  • Drainage infrastructure capacity analysis
  • Environmental assessments
  • Risk analysis, and life cycle analysis
  • Cost estimating, and value engineering
  • Constructability analysis
  • Preliminary and Detailed Design
  • Quality assurance and quality control
  • Site supervision, and contract administration
  • Permitting, approvals and commissioning
  • SCADA support
  • Project and program management
  • Training, and operational support services