There’s an hour, and there’s an hour at WSP.

7,000 employees, working together to make things happen.

One WSP hour is 7,000 hours. 

One WSP hour is 933 working days.

One WSP hour is 187 weeks.

One WSP hour is 3.6 years.

One WSP ‘Hour’ is extraordinary. 

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Higher or Degree Apprenticeship Programme

Our brochure will answer your questions about the Higher or Degree programme, and your Undergraduate Development Journey with WSP.

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Advanced Apprenticeship Programme

Learn more about our Advanced Apprenticeship Programme and your journey with WSP in our brochure.

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Meet our Apprentices

Find out more about our Apprentices and Undergraduates and what they are working on…

Meet Alex Meet Bethany Meet Callum Meet Fatima

Read our guide for parents

Parents, guardians and teachers - learn more about our apprenticeship schemes. 

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