Successful infrastructure and development projects are underpinned by effective community, stakeholder and political engagement. By empowering, communities, businesses, politicians and institutions to engage in the conversation about development, our stakeholder engagement and strategic communications teams ensure our clients can respond to ideas and challenges based on robust data and insight from consultation. 

We believe in the power of effective community and stakeholder engagement to help our clients capture local sentiment, foster collaboration and deliver social value and stewardship.
Garrett Doran Technical Director, Stakeholder engagement and strategic communications, WSP
We’re here to create opportunities for positive, constructive conversations and negotiations that lead to the creation of quality places and spaces. Both social and investment value can be generated from effective dialogue around development; our passion is in helping to unlock these impactful relationships and get positive results.
Jo Dancy Director, Strategic Communications, WSP

StakeholderEngagement_Digital Components

ConnectALL Virtual Environment

A 3D digital showcase that replicates a community consultation, including important documentation, mapping outputs, videos, and links

Digital Documentation

Digital Documentation

A project-specific website to securely manage and share project documentation and decisions to meet statutory requirements

Experts in Digital and Data

Learn more about our wider digital capabilities to drive insight and effectiveness across your project lifecycle from advisory to delivery

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Garrett Doran
Technical Director, Stakeholder Engagement (Infrastructure)
United Kingdom
Jo Dancy
Technical Director, Strategic Communications (Development)
United Kingdom