Make better decisions on your design from the start. Combining digital and AI with a core focus on sustainability and decarbonisation, Daisy brings a new way of looking at parametric design, by including it at the earliest stages of your project.

Multi-objective optimisation

Full visibility and fine-tuning of the trade-offs made across design iterations depending on relative priorities. 

Maximise building performance

Identify and improve building design and performance quickly, transforming an average building to an exceptional standard. 


Early-stage intervention with artificial intelligence

Harness the power of computational exploration and machine learning to explore thousands of designs at the earliest stages. 

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Streamlining planning and performance requirements

Computational optimisation via multi-objective optimisation builds on parametric design, and as part of early-stage design of buildings allows for significant improvements in performance, much more than anything later in the design process. Could AI improve your upcoming projects' performance?

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Moving the needle on decarbonising buildings: How to optimise your building designs with Daisy, our smart digital design tool

Truly moving the needle on decarbonising building design will require complex navigation of the design space that integrates architectural and holistic engineering performance objectives at the concept stage. 

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How can you decarbonise your building design at concept stage?

Governments, clients and end-users are all demanding that performance, including net-zero objectives, should play a key role in building design. However, meeting the CO2 reduction targets set out by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will require much better building carbon performance than has generally been achieved to date. 

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The Net Zero Trailblazer Changemaker

Net Zero Lead for Building Services, Shane Orme, is setting a benchmark for net zero carbon ready buildings using suite of digital tools to create net designs for all types of buildings. Here, he shares his motivations to find sustainable solutions, why the industry needs do more, and how he is pushing boundaries to get there.

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The Carbon Neutral Changemaker

Net Zero Lead for WSP Property and Buildings, Diego, has been a structural engineer for the duration of his working life. Inspired by his father, a civil engineer, Diego grew up around construction sites and was compelled by the idea that he too could combine the satisfaction of problem solving, with the pride of making a difference to communities, the economy and the environment.

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