Dr Tom Brindle MCIfA
Associate Consultant, Post-Excavation Lead
United Kingdom

Our holistic approach

  • Our team of experts works on historic environment projects incorporating the full project cycle from pre-planning advice and building recording through to archaeological excavation, post-excavation, publication and archiving.

  • Our expertise in managing complex projects and assurance of the work undertaken by subcontractors brings confidence to our clients in the successful completion of their projects.

  • Our approach brings social value with lasting legacies through innovative engagement with varied stakeholders such as local communities, architectural conservation advisory committees, and educational institutions, via recreation, tourism, asset management and placemaking.  

Delivering excellence and value for our clients

  • Our team provides expert advice throughout all stages of a project, maximising opportunities and reducing risks, including feasibility assessment, due diligence, master planning, planning application, consents and discharge of planning conditions.

  • Our considerate project design and monitoring means that we manage the scope of projects to ensure that work is always proportionate to the significance of heritage assets and the requirements of planning policy and legislation.

  • We assure specialist fieldwork to deliver high-quality projects efficiently and to programme. 

Providing flexibility and scalability

  • We work on behalf of our clients in both the public and private sectors on development projects which range from national and international infrastructure developments, such as High Speed 2 to smaller projects such as the restoration of Grade II listed Lion Head mooring rings along the Victoria Embankment.

  • Our highly experienced team includes specialists in heritage planning, heritage policy, historic buildings, conservation architecture, archaeological fieldwork, archaeological post-excavation, research and publication, geoarchaeology marine archaeology and international heritage.

  • WSP has long-standing partnerships with leading archaeological partners and contractors in the UK through our collaborative work. This enables us to resource heritage projects of any size and scope.

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