Enhancing safety on England's road network

We’ve been working for Highways England for nearly two decades to help put in place all types of technology to make England’s major roads safer and less congested. For the last ten years we’ve been working together on the National Roads Telecommunications Service (NRTS), enabling improvement and efficiency in how information is given to drivers to make their journeys easier.

Miles of fibre and copper networks plus 145 transmission stations used by NRTS
6,000 6,000
Miles of road managed and operated by Highways England
4,300 4,300
Number of road-side devices currently employed including CCTV cameras, message signs, emergency roadside phones and smart motorway equipment
30,000 30,000
Our technical assurance services ultimately enable Highways England to operate their strategic road network efficiently and effectively. We provide a diverse and specialist service provision in support of this critical telecommunication network.
Jill Slevin, NRTS Project Manager