Climate - Financial Reporting

Our expertise in due diligence and costing enables lenders and funders to ensure the projects they support are climate resilient. Experienced in reporting, we also help banks, investors and other organisations disclose how resilient their portfolios are to climate risks.

Supporting climate-resilient financing

How do organisations such as development banks make sure the projects they invest in are resilient to climate change? Lenders and funders benefit from our:

  • Market analysis and due diligence.
  • Financial analysis and costing of options.
  • Proposal and business case preparation.

We can be involved at the feasibility stage, identifying risks to a proposed asset and exploring how its design could be adapted. Or we can assist you later in the project, providing due diligence to assess whether all relevant climate-related risks have been properly considered.

Working with our in-house economists and engineers, we also produce cost estimates for climate adaptation measures. This can involve ‘hard’ engineering solutions such as a flood barrier or ‘soft’ solutions such as developing policy or building adaptive capacity in an organisation.

Effective disclosure and reporting

Globally, trillions of pounds of investments are at risk from climate change. Understandably, investors, lenders, insurers and other stakeholders want to know about the nature and size of these risks so they can plan their responses. To help organisations disclose how resilient their portfolios are to climate risks, we:

  • Produce focussed, practical, plain-English, evidence-led, accessible reports that communicate complex information clearly.
  • Develop monitoring frameworks and plans to help your organisation build on lessons learnt and increase its resilience to climate- and weather-related risks.
  • Apply reporting frameworks, including Adaptation Reporting Power (ARP) and Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

We have significant experience in reporting frameworks, particularly the emerging TCFD gold standard. Whatever your industry, by aligning to the TCFD recommended disclosures, we provide you with consistent, transparent financial risk disclosure that considers the physical, liability and transition risks associated with climate change. Aligned with investors’ needs, these disclosures give the financial markets the information they want and help you put climate change at the heart of all aspects of your decision making.