Singapore Land Transport Authority Asset Management

Performing condition assessment of Rapid Transit System infrastructure using cutting-edge mobile technology


  • Singapore


  • Land Transport Authority (LTA)

Project Status

  • Completed in 2017

Preparing for Successful Management and Service Delivery Throughout the Rail Networks

Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit and its adjoining systems provide world-class service with a high degree of punctuality, cleanliness, and technical sophistication. The oldest sections of the network are at an age which could potentially be reaching the financial and technical end of life. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) therefore commissioned WSP to perform condition assessment studies for all network assets. 

These studies comprised data gathering and assessment of the condition of all infrastructure assets for all Rapid Transit System (RTS) lines, including civil infrastructure systems and structural components, 3rd rail, and architectural assets. The study resulted in a complete suite of data and asset condition assessments plus remedial suggestions, investments, and operational-organisational proposals.

In addition, the assessments identified maintenance and performance gaps, recommended a schedule of appropriate actions necessary to improve the asset to a required baseline condition, provided a program for the rectification and reinstating of assets not on par with similar assets, established its rate of degradation, provided criteria for condition and acceptability, and resulted in a proposed new baseline condition.


Leveraging Technology

To perform the condition assessment, a version of the Mobile Mapping Geotracker™ ATV, developed by WSP in the recent years, was used. The unique method of quickly gathering information along railways is called ‘on-track scanning’ and uses a specially adapted and outfitted commercial all-terrain vehicle (ATV). The basic equipment set-up for each such vehicle comprises a LiDAR, synchronized with a spherical (360 degree) camera, creating ‘Google Street View-like’ pictures with accurate measurements and millimeter-level detailing. The rail vehicle is additionally fitted with industrial down-facing still cameras for tracks and a special scanner-camera combination for 3rd rail coverage. This arrangement enables WSP to detect defects down to millimeter-size; effectively covering everyday maintenance issues and limiting traditional inspections to defects testing only. Our approach combines this technically advanced system with a deep knowledge of asset management that allows WSP to appoint a condition score to every asset. 

From Condition Assessment to Investment Plan

At project completion, a condition assessment report was provided to the client as well as the procedures used for rating the critical infrastructure assets, enabling the LTA to enhance the provided service. Thanks to condition scoring, the client is also able to evaluate the past efforts when operating and maintaining the assets. The client is also able to plan strategies for the future, such as life extension, capacity enhancement, or rebuild. Furthermore, training sessions organized throughout the project enables the client to fully comprehend the condition assessment process and perform it autonomously in the future.

Our team delivered the following services:

  • Mobile mapping
  • Inspections
  • Cloud storage
  • Asset analysis
  • Maintenance reviews
  • Condition index report, including procedures for rating of critical infrastructure assets
  • Condition assessment for two operators respectively
  • Training material and training sessions
  • Asset data records in a database
  • Investment strategies
  • Balance sheet impact assessment