San Francisco Central Subway

The 1.7-mile, four-station Central Subway brings faster, more efficient transit to San Francisco’s fast growing and densely populated southeast neighborhoods.



  • San Francisco, California, USA

Project Status

  • Complete


The Central Subway has begun transforming north-south public transportation in San Francisco giving users faster rail transit to the core of the City’s commercial districts from the transit-dependent communities in Chinatown and along the Third Street corridor, along with better service to BART, Caltrain and our major sports venues.
Matt Fowler WSP Project Manager - Tunnels and Utilities

Key Numbers

Central Subway Travel Time
7 minutes 7 minutes
Current Bus Travel Time
20 minutes 20 minutes
1.7 miles 1.7 miles
New Stations
4 4
Passengers per Train
250 250
Projected Daily Ridership
43,700 43,700