Road Usage Charging: WSP USA Drives Equitable Solution for Growing Revenue Gap Problem

Transportation agencies across the U.S. are considering mileage-based user fees to replace fuel taxes for road maintenance, and WSP is helping them reach this goal.

Fewer trips to the gas pump for electric and fuel-efficient vehicles means that less fuel-tax revenue is being generated by vehicles that still contribute to roadway wear-and-tear.

Under a Road Usage Charging, or RUC, program, motorists pay a per-mile charge to use roadways, instead of a traditional tax based on the fuel they purchase.

Several studies demonstrated that most rural drivers will pay less through RUC than they currently pay through the fuel tax.

For electric vehicle owners who currently pay a one-time enhanced state vehicle registration fee, RUC will now spread that fee over a longer period of time.

WSP's RUC business now includes technology and operations for projects that require solutions for states and transportation agencies that are preparing to replace their current fuel tax model.