Bayonne Bridge Raising Opens Ports to World’s Largest Ships

Raising the Bayonne Bridge—a world’s first—has opened the East Coast’s largest seaport to Panamax shipping vessels while preserving the historic steel arch bridge.


The raised Bayonne Bridge, with the original roadbed partially removed to allow for Panamax passage.

©2016 WSP USA

Visiting the Bayonne Bridge during construction for a site visit are (from left to right) Mike Valletta, Greg Kelly, Beth DeAngelo, Rich Fischer and Jerry Jannetti.

©2017 WSP USA

Following completion of the higher roadbed, the original roadbed was demolished, clearing the way for larger ships to pass beneath the Bayonne Bridge.

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A picture of the bridge on June 14, 2019, during a rededication ceremony at Dennis P. Collins Park in Bayonne, New Jersey.

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The T. Roosevelt nears its passage underneath the raised Bayonne Bridge.

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Representatives from HDR, WSP USA and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, including WSP project managers Roger Haight (left) and Beth DeAngelo (second from right), accept the Grand Conceptor Award during the ACEC Engineering Excellence Awards Gala.