Climate change presents significant risks to infrastructure in Canada. Many of our older built systems have not been designed to withstand the increasing effects of climate change, such as severe storms, floods, and wildfires. There is a growing need for more sustainable, climate-ready infrastructure with climate resilience embedded in planning, design, construction, and operations. Governments and funders are increasingly asking project developers to assess the climate-related impacts of infrastructure projects and integrate climate change into planning and design.

thn-Infrastructure Risk and Resilience Assessments

Infrastructure Risk and Resilience Assessments

We can apply nationally recognized frameworks to assess climate risks and resilience across various asset classes, including the ISO 31000 Standard for Risk Management and the PIEVC Protocol. We tailor the infrastructure risk assessment to your needs and can conduct infrastructure risk assessments at the asset, portfolio, municipal or regional level for all types of assets.

thn-Risk Mitigation and Adaptation Solutions

Risk Mitigation and Adaptation Solutions

We can identify cost-effective solutions to manage climate-related risks and vulnerabilities identified for your assets. We can also help you integrate climate change mitigation and resilience measures into asset management programming.

thn-Low-carbon Resilient Infrastructure

Low-carbon Resilient Infrastructure

We can help you design infrastructure that both reduces GHG emissions and minimizes climate-related risks. We can provide innovative solutions with multiple benefits, such as green or blue-green infrastructure that integrate climate adaptation and mitigation measures while also improving environmental and community health.

thn-Mainstreaming Climate Risks and Resilience into Infrastructure Planning

Mainstreaming Climate Risks and Resilience into Infrastructure Planning

We can help develop frameworks that incorporate scenario planning, risk management and resilience throughout the full infrastructure project lifecycle.