Social Value is an important consideration of any project. But what is Social Value? Social Value evaluates the social, economic and environmental benefits a project has on the local individuals, communities and society in general. We embed social value in many of our projects, with the aim to help communities thrive long after the project is complete. Measuring social value starts from the outset. We use the National Themes, Outcomes and Measures (TOMs) framework, and agree the social value outcomes for clients and communities, tailored to regional needs.

Value-based Delivery

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Our work with Shropshire Council was commended at the 2021 National Social Value Awards.

Creating social value for more prosperous communities

With CSR and corporate programmes, our charitable, wellbeing, diversity and environmental initiatives create value for employees and communities, but mobilising these programmes to deliver localised value as part of a contract is where social value takes it forward.

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The key to creating social value is leaving a tangible, outcome-focused legacy

A new public sector procurement model focussed on evaluating social value is an opportunity to make a lasting difference for local communities.

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Value-based delivery

Our people strive for positive change and greater efficiencies, building resilience and social value into our solutions. Watch our quick video to see how we create value-based delivery.

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Ensuring positive societal change for our clients and the people and places we serve is our clearest opportunity to demonstrate and live our firm’s values.

Over the last year, we have driven a transition towards a net zero future, helped clients and communities thrive, empowered our people, and championed skills and innovation.
Mark Naysmith, CEO, WSP UK

Corporate Social Responsibility

Putting the UN's Sustainable Development Goals into practice

Find out how we've mapped our sustainability and corporate social responsibility activities. Plus: discover what STEM apprenticeships are worth in social value in our latest research.

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Corporate Responsibility

We have an empowering culture and hold ourselves accountable, which means acting responsibly in all areas of our business and managing it as if it were our own. Read on to find out more about our responsible practices across the globe. 

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Annual Sustainability Report 2019

At WSP there is no greater agenda than mitigating climate change. Take a look at how WSP is delivering against our sustainability objectives across the UK. 

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The focus becomes less on cost and more on value when you embed social value at the beginning of a project – it ensures that, when the builders are gone, projects give communities a lasting positive legacy.
Deepa Nair, Social Value Lead, WSP

Social value policy

Delivering real social value is integral to our work - nurturing sustainable societies, connecting communities and seizing opportunities - is enriched in our manifesto as a guiding principle of our business. Read our policy here.

Social value policy

Calculating the Social Value of WSP’s Carbon Neutral Initiatives During 2019

We used the National TOMS Framework to assess our results, read our report to find out more.

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