WSP and Engineering Matters are telling the story of our #wspchangemakers – who make extraordinary things happen.

Each episode contains exclusive insight into real problems facing the natural and built environment and the people who are overcoming them. 

Episode 9: Enhancing an Estuary, Restoring a River

Kaituna maketu

Episode 8: HS2 and the Golden Thread of Station Design
HS2 train station design

Episode 7: The Legacy of the Lac Megantic Disaster

Episode 6: A vision for clean growth in Bradford

Engineering Matters Ep5 Bradford Clean Growth - 750 x 285


Episode 4: saving time, saving lives

Grange University Hospital 750x285

Episode 3: Boosting London’s biodiversity

two young boys look out across a park to a cityscape

Episode 2: Powering and protecting Scottish heritage

protecting scottish heritage

Episode 1: Protecting England’s most flooded town

banjo pier

The Clean Growth Changemaker

Urban designer and landscape architect, Ashley Dunseath, is disrupting traditional ways of working to deliver clean growth and enable communities to thrive in towns and cities across the UK. By focussing on the objectives and asking the right questions, Ashley believes colleagues and clients can find intelligent solutions and deliver more sustainable outcomes. 

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Powering and Protecting Scottish Heritage

Along the west coast of Scotland lies a chain of more than 136 islands that are home to some of the UK’s most remote communities. For thousands of years, farming and fishing have forged a deep connection between the islanders, the land and the sea.

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Making the case for Looe’s £74m flood defence project

South east Cornwall’s picturesque and historic fishing harbour of Looe holds the dubious accolade of being the UK’s most flooded town.

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Flood Risk Management with Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water

Working with Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water (DCWW), we used our innovative overland flow routing tool, Flood Risk Modeller, to measure the resilience of DCWW’s drainage systems to an extreme weather event.

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WSP Changemaker: Jack Heslop

We spoke with Jack Heslop, Civil Engineer in WSP's water team, to find out more about his role as a WSP changemaker in coastal defences...

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The future of water

How will tomorrow’s trends reshape how we consume water? What effect will climate, technology and population have on water and day-to-day life?

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Delivering sustainable connections for communities across Scotland

Find out about the work WSP delivers across Scotland from its offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Perth.

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