WSP’s intelligent transportation services team improves the operational and safety performance of transportation networks, with the help of leading-edge technologies.

Intelligent transportation services - improving performance, efficiency and safety

As the urban population expands, people live longer and the pressures on our transport networks increase, developments in technology present transport networks with some exciting opportunities. Our clients can transform the way they manage and operate their networks to improve accessibility, performance, efficiency and safety, and provide significant benefits for their customers. This is what WSP’s transportation services team of experts is all about.

Intelligent Transportation Services (ITS) is the effective combination of people, processes and technology to improve transport networks for everyone.

Activities that have been undertaken by people can today, be automated to provide a faster, cheaper and more reliable service. Activity on a network can be monitored and analysed in real time, using predictions and scenarios to improve performance. Data can be collected from a wide variety of sources and analysed in ways that previously relied on expensive physical infrastructure.

A clear and considered strategy is needed to bring existing systems, data streams, services and operational approaches together to make a difference.

WSP has a long track record of applying leading-edge information and communication technologies in transportation and traffic management systems to improve the performance, safety, efficiency and sustainability of networks, reducing congestion and enhancing customer experience.

Our clients and approach

We work with network operators including highway and transportation agencies, across local and national governments as well as in the private sector, to help them define and achieve their objectives. We provide expertise in strategy, planning, design, implementation and the operation of activities that optimise system performance. Our projects vary considerably in scope, scale and complexity.

For example, through a joint venture, in the UK WSP developed, deployed and now operates the National Traffic Information Service (NTIS) for Highways England who look after England's strategic network of motorways and major A roads. Our experts collect traffic information across the 7,000km road network using a combination of detectors buried in the road, cameras and more than one million probe vehicles. We also collect data about road closures, roadworks, events that attract traffic, incidents and accidents. We bring this together on the specifically developed Traffic Management System to provide a real-time national view of traffic conditions. The service provides predictive clearance times for abnormal conditions on the network and we provide this on the Traffic England website, roadside message signs and to a wide range of subscribers such as National radio and travel information service providers.

By understanding the root causes of issues and working with clients to analyse the options and their likely outcomes, we can help them implement the right solution to optimise their systems and services.

Our services

Our range of services is extensive. We can support clients from master planning right through deployment and service operation, to maintenance and replacement.

WSP completed an ITS Master Plan update for the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT), which included a long-term statewide ITS communications plan to support the future ITS system vision. It also provided a detailed assessment of the transportation systems management and operations (TSM&O) capabilities of the agency and identified steps to make MnDOT a fully capable and mature TSM&O organisation.

So, whether you are looking for support to optimise the performance of a junction using traffic signals, or to develop policies, strategies or specifications, we have the thought leadership, expertise and practical experience to enable your success.

Future and disruptive technologies

Around the world, WSP has established the industry’s strongest track record in the development of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV) and is a thought leader in the impacts it will have for policy makers, development and transportation planners network operators and people who want to travel.

We are on the cusp of significant change in transport, driven by the digital and CAV agendas. We are working with our clients to examine both the challenges and opportunities of these technologies to make our networks and cities future ready.

Already we operate a traffic information service in the UK that uses speed and journey data from over one million vehicles. Those vehicles can also provide data about defects in road surfacing, changes in the weather and how the vehicle is performing; this has potential to transform how infrastructure is designed, how networks are operated and how we travel.

We understand the importance to our clients of understanding and assessing developments in technology to make sure that their assets, some with up to a 100-year design life, will be able to deal with the disruption and harness the potential that technology provides, with minimised cost and maximised benefit.

Our partnerships with research institutions, academia and institutional bodies ensure that we stay connected with the changes in technology taking place globally that may be used in the services we provide.