Embracing a diverse and inclusive culture

True to our Guiding Principles, we are humble and act with moral and intellectual integrity, keep our word, treat everyone with respect, support our colleagues, and embrace diversity.

Gender balance is at the core that everything WSP stands for. Our guiding principle – We Value our people and reputation, talks about embracing diversity in everything that we do.
Dean McGrail Director - Property & Buildings

Our Approach to Gender Balance & Diversity

We are a diverse people business, proud to be working for a wide variety of clients. We are committed to building an inclusive culture that respects and maximises the contribution of all our employees.

Our intent is to:

  • Ensure fair and equal treatment of employees;
  • Embed a culture of diversity and inclusion throughout the Middle East;
  • Provide employees with the best opportunities to fulfill their potential;
  • Respect and protect human rights of employees and contractors.

Our first steps on the journey to becoming industry leaders in Gender Balance and diversity were to develop our 'Middle East Gender Balance' report. The report highlighted where we are as a business and where we will be going to in the coming months. Click the button below to download our report.

Download Our Gender Balance Report

Our Actions

Equality, balanced workforce, women in STEM, workplace flexibility - to name but a few themes. Diversity matters, and we are proud of our industry leadership across the region and globally.

We have appointed Dean McGrail, Director - Property & Buildings and Caroline Parsons, HR Director and Director - Shared Services to champion our gender balance activities across the Middle East.

Dean              caroline




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