Kruunuvuorensilta will be one of the longest bridges in the world dedicated to public transportation, pedestrians and cyclists.


  • Helsinki, Finland


  • City of Helsinki

Project Status

  • Ongoing

A New City Landmark for Helsinki

Kruunuvuorensilta will link the new waterside residential development Kruunuvuorenranta and the city zoo directly to the heart of Helsinki (Finland). The bridge is located in the Helsinki Park nature area, an important part of the city coastline when arriving from the sea. It will be one of the longest bridges in the world built specifically for public transportation, pedestrians and cyclists. The design is based on the winning proposal from the International Bridge Design Competition prepared by the consultant group led by WSP. The main visual element of the bridge is the tower which stands as a balanced counterpoint to the landscape. The diamond-shaped tower’s unique design creates an elegant new landmark for Helsinki. It will become synonymous with the capital city, its people and waterfront.

Span length
260 m 260 m
Deck length
1,191 m 1,191 m
200 years 200 years

A Multidisciplinary Approach

We are providing multidisciplinary design services for the bridge and its surroundings, from the design competition proposal to final detailed design.

The structural concept follows principles of functionality which led to aesthetically long-lasting solutions with high structural efficiency and cost effectiveness. The design is based on a 200-year lifetime although the bridge will be located in an aggressive marine environment. Construction durability is therefore an important design consideration to ensure that the lifetime requirement is met.

  • The three-dimensional diamond shaped tower is highlighted with facade lighting that changes on festive days. Lights on tramways and bicycle and pedestrian lanes draw
    the long bridge shape in the horizon.

  • The continuous cable-stayed bridge has a total deck length of 1,191 m.

  • The centre of the bridge consists of two 260 m long cable-stayed main spans supported by a single pylon.

  • The approach spans is a continuous composite girder bridge.

  • The western approach bridge spans are 53 + 3 x 66 meters long and in the eastern approach bridge, 6 x 62 + 48 meters long.

  • The horizontal geometry of the bridge presents a series of curves with a continuous deck between the abutments.