GHG Accounting and Analysis

We are certified GHG accountants and experts in ISO 14064 and 14065. We can conduct GHG assessments (including Scope 3 and embodied carbon) and verification. Our work informs decarbonization strategies and offsets tailored to your targets and requirements.

Real Estate and Portfolio Strategies

We can create decarbonization strategies for your portfolio. We are skilled in GHG management and life-cycle assessments (LCAs), and can help you model, plan and implement solutions for deep retrofits, net zero investments, procurement, and programs depending on your objectives. We can also help you report on your achievements to your stakeholders.

Decarbonization Pathways

Our industry-leading tools can support you in paving your way to net zero. Based on your emissions portfolio, we work with you and your stakeholders to design programs that help you achieve short- and long-term KPIs. We also help you understand the monetary and non-financial costs and benefits of decarbonization and create detailed implementation plans to help you reach your goals.

Life-cycle Assessment and Embodied Carbon

We are skilled in life-cycle assessments (LCA) and can help you understand the carbon footprint of your assets and operations. We can use LCA to identify hotspots and strategies to help you manage embodied carbon and other environmental impacts, from the beginning to end of your projects and operations.


Laurence Blandford
Vice President, Strategy Consulting, Climate Change and ESG