Going Net Zero at WSP

WSP in the UK will achieve carbon neutrality in our own UK operations by 2025 and become net zero across our global value chain by 2040. Both targets are in line with global goals to limit climate change to 1.5oC. We’re proud to be the first company in our sector to make such ambitious commitments to limit the effects of climate change.


We'll be at the forefront of growing net zero solutions for our clients and communities


We'll achieve carbon neutrality in our own UK operations in 2025


Our Target to be net zero across our Global Value Chain

For companies like ours, the greatest impact we can make on the world’s climate emergency is addressing the carbon footprint associated with the work we do for our clients. When we design the heating or cooling system for a skyscraper, the energy needed to run this system will have an environmental impact for decades. And in our infrastructure, the concrete and steel we specify could have equivalent emissions to a small country.
Mark Naysmith CEO, WSP in the UK