Giant Magellan Telescope

One of the largest telescopes in the world will allow us to see farther into the universe than ever before


  • Atacama Desert, Chile


  • Giant Magellan Telescope – GMTO Corporation

Project Status

  • Start of operations late 2020s
The Giant Magellan Telescope’s unprecedented combination of light-gathering power, efficiency and image resolution will enable us to make new discoveries across all fields of astronomy, particularly fields that require the highest spatial and spectral resolutions, like the search for habitable planets.
Rebecca Bernstein Chief Scientist, Giant Magellan Telescope

Credit - Damien Jemison/GMTO Corporation

July 2019:View of the summit –Telescope foundation hard rock excavation site

Credit - Francisco Figueroa/GMTO Corporation

February 2020 GMT Summit aerial

Credit - Damien Jemison/GMTO Corporation

July 2019 - Utility trench

Credit - Damien Jemison/GMTO Corporation

December 2020: View from the summit to the support site 2

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Full concept animation of the GMT - Courtesy of the GMTO Corporation