Mobility Operations

The fluid transport of people and goods is an important component of a sound and sustainable economy, and critical to the success of our transportation sector clients. We support clients at all levels of maturity as it relates to the complexity of their systems and stakeholders, the development and application of new technologies, the growing needs and demands of their customers, as well as changing infrastructure priorities, ongoing market reforms and new political mandates.

Integrated Services

WSP USA’s experts develop solutions that best meet the needs of our clients’ organizations, from where they are now and where they want to be in the future. We create value for clients by providing industry intelligence, access to senior advisors with operations and transportation experience, and a fully integrated package of services to help our clients manage the mobility of people and goods.

Mobility Operations

Our team provides toll facility, back office, customer service center (CSC) operations and traffic management center (TMC) operations support, as well as operations and maintenance (O&M) and roadside infrastructure support. We are recognized nationally as a dependable, high-quality, and cost-effective service provider that employs Lean Six Sigma business practices to manage complex operations. Services include emergency response support, violation processing, data reporting and performance monitoring, safety patrols, and customer service.

Managed Lanes and Roadways

We serve an emerging highway operations market oriented towards reducing traffic congestion through enhanced management of highway capacity. Actively monitoring and allocating highway systems with pricing, vehicle eligibility, and coordinated metering tools allows for not only significantly better travel time reliability and person throughput, but also revenue generation possibilities. Together, these tools open the door to alternative delivery, sustainable operations, and public-private partnerships. Having set the national guidance for managed lanes concepts decades ago, we continue to develop, design, implement, and provide oversight of projects pertaining to managed lanes and congestion pricing, and are leading the U.S. deployment of managed motorways.

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Our multidisciplinary team supports a wide variety of client needs in transportation systems management and operations, including traffic management and traveler information systems, telecommunications, integrated corridor management, active transportation and demand management, roadside infrastructure and connected/automated vehicle technologies, and the entire range of technology tools that enable Smart Cities and other innovative strategies across the transportation spectrum. Our team has expertise in program and project management, owner representation, planning, design, integration, operations, and maintenance.

Connected and Automated Vehicles (C/AV)

C/AV technology represents a broad shift in mobility that will profoundly impact the transportation industry. We draw on decades of innovation with ITS and a dedicated team of experts in policy, planning and C/AV technology to guide our clients in understanding and analyzing the evolving transformational change. In addition to providing policy guidance to decision makers on all aspects of C/AV policy, management and implementation, we offer industry-leading expertise in the engineering and deployment of roadside infrastructure that communicates with connected vehicles.