E-470 Customer Service Center Operations

Operating the Customer Service Center for 27 years, WSP delivers the gold standard among similar customer service operations with KPIs consistently at greater than 97 percent.


  • Denver, Colorado, USA

Project Status

  • Ongoing
Toll Annually
$200M+ $200M+
Customer Contacts Per Year
1.5M+ 1.5M+
Transponders Fulfilled Per Year
500k+ 500k+
Roadside Assists Per Year
13k+ 13k+
Images Reviewed Per Year
23M+ 23M+
I am emailing you because I wanted to let someone know what a positive experience I had. The CSR knew all of the answers to my questions and talked me through all of the steps I needed to follow, giving me options along the way. They were knowledgeable and so kind and I hung up the phone being so impressed and grateful. Sometimes I feel like customer service just isn't what it use to be, so kudos to you all for keeping that as a value.
E-470 Customer