Well-planned and efficient transportation networks are the foundation of economic prosperity. They have far-reaching effects on society and the natural environment, and they can be the catalyst for transformation of communities.



Through smart planning and collaboration, we work with our clients to make the right choices for their needs, finding effective and sustainable strategies that also improve quality of life.

Whether the project's objective is to create a prosperous downtown area through transit-oriented development (TOD), develop a waterfront, revitalize a neighborhood or plan for regional growth, our transportation planning team can help build landmark projects.

Clients need to create environments that meet the needs of all stakeholders, and we work hard to find effective and sustainable strategies from the earliest stages of development.

WSP has extensive experience in all aspects of urban and regional transportation planning, growth management and the creation and maintenance of civic infrastructure.

We’ve developed master plans, studies and analyses for complex infrastructure programs as well as smaller community-oriented projects, and we can unlock the development potential of land previously considered of low value. Our planning services are based on rigorous procedures for studying and assessing problems of any size and scope, enabling planning for all transportation modes.

Experts in Transportation Management

We act as strategic advisers and expert witnesses, with specialization at all stages of project delivery, from pre-acquisition studies to completion. Our clients draw upon our transportation modeling and planning capabilities to support local authorities and to create sustainable transportation investment plans.

Our clients range from state, regional and local governments to transportation agencies, port authorities, metropolitan planning organizations and private developers.

At WSP, we’re proud of our pioneering work, which includes applying movement frameworks and street design concepts to master plans, research in transport policy and our intelligent transport system designs.

With stakeholder involvement at the heart of the process, we shape strategies that improve mobility and access to transportation systems, while creating vibrant, livable communities.