Changing economic conditions, evolving government priorities, aging assets and emerging technologies are among the biggest challenges faced by developers, owners and operators of public and private infrastructure. We offer our clients a unique combination of infrastructure expertise and management consulting leadership to help them determine how best to develop assets and cost-effectively deliver services. 




We have developed long-lasting relationships built on our excellent service delivery and results-oriented solutions when it matters most.



Former executives and senior officials headline our team of consultants, all known for their extensive strategic, financial, operational and management experience.

Lifecycle Approach

Clients turn to us at all stages of the development lifecycle: strategic planning, design, procurement, construction, operations and maintenance.


An Integrated Approach to Mobility

WSP's Mobility Marketplace consolidates mobility services under a single payment system and operational umbrella for selected transportation modes and services.

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A More Equitable and Sustainable Model for Transportation Funding

A road usage charging model provides better sustainability and fairness in paying for our roads and bridges as vehicles continue to become more fuel efficient and continue evolving to all-electric models that require no fossil fuels.

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Meet our Leaders

Dave Earley
Interim Advisory Director
United States
Christine Beardsley
Marketing Director/Business Line Specialist
United States
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Darrel Cole
Communications & Public Involvement Director
United States
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