Addressing imbalance in water supply and demand: innovation and behaviour change

International perspectives on WSP’s Value of Water research 

Decision makers and the public have needed to become more aware of water conservation, supply diversification, stormwater capture, wastewater recycling, indirect and direct potable reuse and desalination.
Michael Drennan Vice President, California Water Business, WSP in the USA
We conducted consumer research last year, with interesting findings: 40% of Swedish consumers said that they had been affected by water shortages, and – in the last five years - 60% have changed their behaviour to save water. It also demonstrated an awareness of the need for change: 70% of people said they believed that climate change would make their water more expensive.
Anna Dahlman-Petri Senior Consultant, Water, WSP in Sweden
We’ve found that people are willing to change their behaviour, when most of the population of an area experiences severe and extended water shortage. The challenge is that mindsets do tend to shift back once water is more freely available again.
Karen King Senior Associate (Hydrology), WSP in South Africa