road surveyed in 20 days
1000+ km 1000+ km
photos taken, indexed and analysed
10,000 10,000
accuracy of algorithm output
97% 97%

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Digital Engineering Solutions

As business imperatives change, technological capabilities accelerate, and customer expectations grow, we need to look beyond traditional ways of working to drive business outcomes.

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Surveying, Mapping and GIS

Through comprehensive surveying, mapping and geographic information systems (GIS) services, WSP provides expertise in analysis methods and modelling techniques. We help clients across all sectors better understand environmental issues, make informed decisions, and apply the appropriate strategies and cost-effective solutions to mitigate them.

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WSP’s integrated digital solutions help Natural Resources Wales preserve the future of natural waterways

WSP develops a digital platform for collecting, storing, appending, and analysing data that helps Natural Resources Wales preserve the future of their natural waterways.

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