Promoting the uptake of electric vehicles in Falkirk

WSP’s team in Scotland worked closely with Falkirk Council at the start of the new Electric A9 route, which seeks to provide a regular series of charge points along the main northern corridor of Scotland.

The Charging facility opened to the public at 10 am on 31st March 2020. The figures below were taken on 31st March 2021:

energy generated by the solar canopy
240,000 kWh 240,000 kWh
energy used by customers
205,949 kWh 205,949 kWh
customer visits
11,209 11,209


rapid (50kW) charging bays
10 10
fast (22kW) charging bays
16 16
designated bays for disabled users
3 3

TrinaSolar panels
1,272 1,272
energy stored in the three storage systems
201 kWh 201 kWh
carbon savings every year
75 tonnes 75 tonnes