We help clients across all sectors unlock opportunities to meet the rising demand for power, maintain secure and reliable energy supplies, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and deliver future energy schemes to help create a sustainable world. 

The energy sector is in transformation. Economic power shifts, resource constraints, technological advancements, population growth, rapid urbanisation, industrialisation of emerging economies, energy consumption levels, power generation capacities, environmental challenges and resource shortages –all global trends that are having a powerful influence on the sector.

In a world where we cannot count on unlimited access to energy and climate change is widely recognised, how we produce, process, distribute and use energy – ensuring it is clean and affordable - is one of our greatest challenges. The evolution of SMART Energy and new methods of transmitting power will determine a quantum leap in electricity network operation.

To adapt to foreseeable changes, ensure sustainable energy systems, develop resilience against unforeseen impacts and mitigate climate change, governments and businesses alike must identify and understand their implications, improve energy efficiency, foster renewable power generation and achieve exceptional environmental performance, all while implementing innovative strategies and business models to ensure a secure and reliable energy supply.

From initial development and planning studies through to front-end design, project management and commissioning, WSP provides multidisciplinary engineering, technical, and project delivery services at all phases of a project. We help clients across all sectors including buildings, oil and gas, mining, industrial, transport, and infrastructure unlock opportunities to meet the rising demand for power. We work with you  to reduce both energy end use and the release of greenhouse gas emissions, and deliver future energy schemes to help create a sustainable world. Our energy expertise includes heating and cooling distribution, energy management and efficiency, geothermal energy, hydropower, nuclear energy, wind energy, power transmission and distribution, HVDC Interconnectors  solar energy, and thermal energy and bioenergy.

Renewable energy and cleaner technologies

Onshore and offshore wind energy, solar energy, thermal and bioenergy, and hydropower play leading roles in the renewable power sources of the future.

We collaborate with clients to develop alternatives to diminishing fossil fuels and to combat the dangers of climate change. Across our diverse portfolio of renewable energy projects, we have helped identify, establish, and minimise risks for our clients. In South Africa’s Kalahari Desert, we managed the Environmental Impact Assessment for their fast-tracked first concentrated solar power project and demonstrated our strategic ability and flexibility by altering the original approach upon realisation that results could not be delivered in the required timeframe. We are committed to a sustainable future and offer our clients complete and tailored solutions for all aspects of their projects, be they large-scale energy plants, smaller on-site facilities, or retrofitting and efficiency programs.

We advise clients throughout the project lifecycle – from pre-feasibility right through to design, operation and maintenance and onto decommissioning.

Our involvement ranges from feasibility studies and providing advice on technical, financial, emission and environmental issues, to engineering design, process modelling and construction management. We also provide long-term operational management support services.

>Innovation features highly in our approach to helping clients realise their goals, such as the production of low cost, clean energy. For example we are currently engaged in a detailed design project for a first-of-a-kind power plant, with an oxyfuel, supercritical CO2 cycle that makes carbon capture part of the core power generation process, rather than an afterthought.


Energy storage

Energy storage – capturing energy for use at a later time – is coming of age. As technology capability advances and costs reduce, energy storage provides a technology that can help unlock efficient energy systems.  Large system scale battery energy storage systems are being used globally to provide system support and arbitrage between high and low priced electricity. With a range of technology suppliers and characteristics to suit different applications, identifying an appropriate solution is complex. Our experts can guide you to the right solution – for example energy storage systems can be added to existing power generation plants to adapt their characteristics to suit new market and system requirements – effectively providing an economic life extension by ensuring that the plant continues to be able to provide services in line with market needs.


Power generation

Our experience runs from traditional power generation technologies, through to emerging renewable technologies and their associated systems. We offer services in the power generation and distribution of energy from water, sun, wind, biomass, soil, compost, waste and various types of surplus energy. Our dedicated energy specialists in turn can rely on our international network of civil and structural engineers, process engineering specialists, environmental and climate change consultants.

Our water and hydropower specialists understand the connection between power and water and are able to provide solutions specific to the needs of the power industry. From water supply for steam and cooling to the disposal of effluent, we offer cost-effective solutions to optimise our clients’ power generation operations.


Power transmission and distribution

As a market leader, WSP helps to power people’s lives by engineering robust power transmission and distribution network solutions, enhancing the quality of life and spurring economic growth in cities and communities around the globe. We have world-class high voltage direct current (HVDC) expertise with 80 per cent of UK and Europe projects covered by the team. We use our international expertise to advise on Flexible Alternating Current Transmission System (FACTS) devices across the globe.

Reliable, secure, accessible and robust power transmission and distribution systems are critical elements in the push to meet the growing global demand for electricity. Transmission and distribution systems provide a lifeline to rural and urban areas alike, bringing clear socio-economic benefits to communities around the globe. 


Helping energy get smarter

As the way we increasingly look towards creating a more sustainable future, the transition to a distributed sustainable – or ‘smart’ – energy system is clearly underway. The basic fundamentals of energy generation, delivery and consumption are now being redefined – and our experts are ready to advise on the latest solutions.

Emerging distributed energy solutions including flexible demand, distributed generation, energy storage, energy efficiency and advanced power electronics are transforming the energy industry which in turn is fundamentally impacting economic and societal agendas around the world. This transition is also now accelerating due to major advances across Information and data communications industries
enabling more economic and efficient consumption of sustainable energy.

We continue to employ our extensive experience across the energy, data management and communications industries to find innovative solutions for our clients and play a leading role to realise the global transition to a sustainable energy system.


Our energy services include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Project resource assessments
  • Technology evaluations
  • Preliminary, front-end and detailed engineering
  • Advanced energy simulations
  • Owner’s engineer
  • Buy- and sell-side due diligence
  • Engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM)
  • Construction supervision
  • Environmental assessments and permitting
  • Energy management
  • Energy efficiency audits and assessments
  • Technology/innovative/catalytic procurement of new energy-efficient products and building components
  • Energy policy design and evaluations
  • Energy scenario analysis
  • Socio-economic and business economic analysis
  • Project simulations/visualisation
  • Safety and risk management
  • Asset maintenance, management, and optimisation
  • Regulatory strategy, economics and analysis
  • Independent engineer and/or independent technical advisor
  • Banks engineer / lenders engineer
  • Water management
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Injection well design and construction
  • Numerical modelling
  • Site selection and characterisation
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Water disposal and reuse solutions
  • Water resource monitoring technologies and services
  • Water supply exploration, design, construction and operation.

We bring the skills, scale and financial backing that you expect of a large professional services firm, together with the level of local expertise and commitment you expect at a small consultancy. We understand what success looks like in our clients’ eyes and we work closely from strategy to through to implementation to ensure your desired outcomes are achieved.