This is going to completely change the way we design offices and other buildings
Austin Wikner Head of building services, WSP in the UK
If you lived in a virus-free environment, you would lose your immune system, and then as soon as you were exposed to viruses, you would have a hard time fighting them
Gary Pomerantz Building systems specialist and executive vice president, WSP in New York
Every time a nurse enters a patient room, before they do anything, they sanitize their hands and they wash them again before they leave. Good hand hygiene is the fundamental thing
Jonathan Ramajoo Head of healthcare, WSP in Australia
We could change everything to fix COVID-19, but that might not be right for the next thing. We need to find a balance that is going to give us the largest, broadest degree of protection from whatever comes down the road
Kevin Cassidy National healthcare lead, WSP in Canada
Ideally, the new agile environment is a desk with a plug for your laptop and that’s it
Tomer Zarhi Mechanical manager in the healthcare team, WSP in Canada


Gary Pomerantz
Executive Vice President Building Systems
United States