Claude Nzalankazi - Assistant Mechanical Engineer

Growing up in Congo, Claude Nzalankazi found it difficult to know where to turn for advice on further education and his career. Which subjects to study, how to apply to university, or even how to write a CV – help was in short supply.
I’d been volunteering through the WSP Foundation, representing WSP at university career fairs and working with students at Manchester University and across the UK, and saw they were struggling with the same issues as I had experienced back in Congo, only there the problems were multiplied. I decided to devote my time to helping Congolese students, especially those from disadvantaged background, to secure a better future.
I stopped counting when I reached 420 books, but I reckon I’ve now got around 600 from colleagues and the total is likely to reach 750 with donations coming in from other local organisations.
The books are important, but it’s more than that, it’s about encouraging companies to open their doors to students to show them what they do, and persuading them to offer bursaries, scholarships and internships. If Molakissi proves successful, it’s something we could roll out to other countries too.