Finding the balance: biodiversity net gain and infrastructure

WSP’s Adrian Hames and Hannah Williams explore how we can find a balance between biodiversity net gain and the need for infrastructure development.

A Hames
H Williams
As a developer or promoter, you need to work with the community and local organisations, such as wildlife trusts, parish councils, and others who have an interest. You need to engage them in designing and developing the project to achieve positive outcomes that benefit everyone.. They can provide valuable input that helps you to come up with a scheme that the community owns – one that not only benefits nature but also benefits people through factors such as providing access to green spaces and active travel routes.
Adrian Hames Transport Planning Director
Of course, not every single site will be able to achieve biodiversity net gain within its confines. This is where biodiversity credits come in, which allow an additional net gain on one site to be banked against other sites where net gain isn’t possible. For example, we’re working with a client to restore a site and they’ve chosen to use a species-rich seeds mix instead of the standard cheaper option so they can bank biodiversity credits to use or sell on. We’re also working with local authorities that are looking to develop their own banks.
Hannah Williams Principal Ecologist