Accounting for human decision making in transport choice?

WSP Transport Planning Director Adrian Hames and Head of Future Mobility Giles Perkins explore how the England's Economic Heartland's newly published transport strategy innovates through its approach to understanding the human decisions driving transport choice.  
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England’s Economic Heartland’s transport strategy has the user at its centre. A key part of developing our approach has been the strategic planning of first and last mile journeys, ensuring journeys can be completed by sustainable and active travel when travelling within and across all parts of the region. We asked WSP, with Steer and Fifth Studio, to develop a tool that would allow us to maximise the potential for first last mile solutions: providing firstly better evidence to complement investment decisions and secondly to ensure a quick and effective interpretation of the market potential for different first and last mile travel options in a place. The multidimensional nature of the task made it particularly challenging to represent digitally but, WSP has managed to create an intuitive, visibly-powerful tool
Naomi Green Head of Technical Programme, England's Economic Heartland