Community Energy London case study

Case Study: Community Energy London

Community Energy London (CEL) is a membership body for London’s 24 community energy groups and nine affiliate groups. CEL supports community energy groups by sharing experience and resources, as well as lobbying local and national government for support and funding.  

CEL worked closely with the Greater London Authority (GLA) to build the case for a London Community Energy Fund (LCEF). CEL helped set out the benefits and potential of community energy including how it would support the delivery of Mayor Sadiq Khan’s environmental strategy.  

The LCEF was established in 2017, and in total 86 community energy projects have been supported through the £1million fund across 26 London boroughs. This includes 28 solar PV projects involving 20 schools, six churches, and two projects in children’s centres. Two heat pump projects have also been supported through LCEF.  

LCEF has gone from strength to strength as early phases help to build capacity of community energy groups, as well as bringing new participants and local groups to the sector and boosting the confidence of the GLA in the outcomes.  

LCEF is confirmed to re-open in Autumn 2021 and continues to be a prime example of how community engagement at the local level is critical to climate action and local decarbonisation efforts. 

Jamie Baxter
Syed Ahmed