Predicting coastal erosion, UK

A demonstration project for the Met Office, applying a new methodology for predicting coastal erosion under climate change. Having proven its worth in this demonstration project, our tool for modelling shoreline retreat promises to provide a vital guide in protecting coastal communities, assets and infrastructure.


  • United Kingdom


  • The Met Office, Environment Agency

Project Value

  • £12k

Project Status

  • 2017-2018


  • The British Geological Survey, The Channel Coastal Observatory, The University of Utrecht

The science of sea level rise shows us that we are just beginning a long and challenging period of extraordinary change at the coast. In response we must develop new policies that are efficient and sustainable, and also fair to many future generations that will be affected. To achieve this, we must understand the natural responses of our coasts to climate change, and learn to adapt to them.
Mike Walkden Associate Director in Water, WSP