WSP is delighted that Ben Holland, Head of Commercial and Major Project Governance, has been appointed as President of Engineering New Zealand.

Ben says diversity and inclusion will be a key focus of his one-year term.

He is a strong supporter of the Diversity Agenda, a collaboration between Engineering New Zealand and the Institute of Architects, that’s set a target of 20% more women in engineering and architecture by 2021.

“The recent atrocities in Christchurch have further reinforced my belief that we need to be more inclusive as a society and that Engineering New Zealand can lead the way. I am excited and optimistic about the challenge, because we are engineers and solving problems is what we do.”

Ian Blair, WSP Managing Director, says Ben is universally well respected for his commercial acumen and deep understanding of design and engineering.

“Ben knows the issues facing the engineering industry, such as the need to increase diversity and attract more talent. I am confident he will lead Engineering NZ well.”

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