Ravensdown Fertiliser Office Accomodation

A functional yet striking building that meets operational demands and withstands it’s harsh surroundings.


  • Dunedin, New Zealand


  • Ravensdown Fertiliser Ltd

Project Status

  • Completed 2015


  • 2015 ANDZ Commercial/industrial design award
  • NZ Wood Award (Engineering Excellence)
  • NZ Wood Award Highly Commended (Resene Overall Supreme Award) 

Ravensdown Fertiliser Dunedin is one of the oldest fertiliser manufacturing plants in the country and WSP Architecture were engaged to design a new administration and amenities building within the current site as the original buildings housing were deemed to be of low seismic New Building Standards (NBS%) levels.

The intent of the design and construction methodology was to produce a building that would meet NBS% standards while enhancing the established Ravensdown brand with a robust building that would stand up to the rigors of the environment.

Environmental considerations were paramount for development of the design concept as Ravensdown sites are extremely hazardous areas therefore the new building has to stand the test of time and not create any long-term maintenance issues. The internal design has been constructed with all main services visible throughout the open office and amenities areas and careful attention to detail was required to achieve a clean industrial appearance. Natural light has been integrated where possible and vibrant colour walls and features have been specified to brighten up darker spaces and give occupants a more energetic working space.

The laboratory spaces introduce colour into an otherwise sterile white working environment and the use of coloured panels create a more vibrant working environment. Standard laboratory equipment has been designed into the spaces to allow for a more cohesive functioning space for the rigorous testing to be completed.

The staff are extremely pleased with the result and feel it has increased productivity whilst still maintaining appropriate level of protection for a hazardous environment. The overall building has exceeded the client’s expectations and achieved the result desired by providing a durable well designed building that enhances the strong Ravensdown brand.