Sustainability and Climate Change

Future Ready, the flagship of the WSP sustainability programme, aims to give our experts a consistent understanding of what we believe a future world will look like – including climate, society, resources and...

We are the first global practice to develop such a program. Including future trends in our advice to clients helps them plan for the long term and makes good business sense. This is one of the ways in which we create value for them.


What we do

WSP is works with our communities to clearly articulate a future for New Zealand, by imagining the impossible and creating the enduring. We are actively seeking out the most transformative, innovative solutions to pioneer a more sustainable future propelled by international brainpower.

WSP has been a leading New Zealand design and engineering consultancy for 148 years. As Kiwi’s we have deep roots in our country, with our local expertise contributing to some of New Zealand’s most significant infrastructure and transportation projects. In New Zealand, we operate from a network of 40 offices and employs more than 1,700 talented people.

Climate adaptation requires hard engineering solutions - better flood defences, designing buildings differently, retrofitting buildings - as well as clever science and changes in behaviour. WSP is well set up to deliver on this through our project delivery, our approach lies in our commitment to listening to our clients and provide forward-thinking advice and expertise locally to help our communities thrive in a changing world.We focus on unlocking opportunities to reduce cost, create brand value, and mitigate risk across the value chain. Our breadth of technical expertise in sustainability strategy, greenhouse gas and resource management, sustainable energy, sustainable products and supply chain, and climate preparedness supports client needs across sectors and geographies.

We have enjoyed working with clients of all types all around the world. We developed the climate plan for the City of Johannesburg. We developed the sustainability strategy for the Stockholm Royal Seaport development. We helped one of Germany's main power companies to understand the impact on different types of generation. We undertook the industry's first study of the environmental impacts of cloud computing for Microsoft. We provided engineering expertise for 1 Shelley Street in Sydney - a 6-star Green Star office building. We are working with the UK Government's Technology Strategy Board on future-proofing existing buildings such as Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. And we developed an energy efficient mobility plan for downtown Zarqa in Jordan.

Global climate change and political context are among the factors that impact the projects to which we contribute. Environmental rules and regulations vary across countries and evolve over the years. Digital technologies are revolutionising the tools we use and how we deliver our work. WSP experts are up-to-date on the latest trends and challenges related to the environment. We have a strong research and innovation programme on circular economy, biodiversity and healthy construction. In all of this, we are passionate about using our scale to lead the transition to a prosperous, resilient, and sustainable society.

Our combined strength is in the sectors of Transport, Property & Buildings, Water and Power, as well as in worldclass whole-of-life asset management, environmental services and innovation.



Why our clients use WSP

Our expertise spans:

  • Sustainable Infrastructure (ISCA & Greenroad Accredited Professionals)
  • Green Building Design (NABERS & GreenStar Accredited)
  • Low-Carbon Development Design
  • National, Regional and Corporate Sustainability Strategies
  • Sustainable Cities and Masterplanning
  • Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies
  • Water Resources and Flood Risk Management
  • Energy and Low Carbon Strategies, Roadmapping and Action Planning
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Life Cycle Analysis and Footprinting
  • Energy, Carbon, Greenhouse Gas, Waste and Water Resource Efficiency
  • Research and behaviour science
  • GHG Reporting and the Carbon Disclosure Project