Developments in technologies present Road Administrations around the world with the opportunity to transform the way that they manage and operate their highway networks.

WSP takes a whole of life approach to managing and operating mining–related infrastructure such as buildings, roads, bridges, water supplies, and other site infrastructure.

WSP’s infrastructure expertise and services are frequently called on by mining companies for help managing mining and associated infrastructure in key sites around New Zealand.

Our clients include large to small mining companies, local authorities, and contractors. We also work with quarries, contractors, and processing and storage yards for aggregate suppliers. We have good relationships with local suppliers and contractors, which means certainty of delivery for our clients.

Our infrastructure management specialists are based in Greymouth, Westport, Christchurch, Dunedin, Invercargill, Taupo, New Plymouth, Wellington and Auckland.


Our experience in New Zealand

Services to support the resources sector include:

  • Surveying – cadastral, monitoring
  • Geotechnical engineering – including monitoring, testing, and hazard management
  • Environmental engineering – water supply, stormwater, river engineering, erosion, and waste water
  • Resource management planning – monitoring, conditions of consent
  • Structural and bridge engineering –monitoring, maintenance, upgrades and decommissioning
  • Transportation – roading, rail and ports engineering
  • Mechanical and electrical engineering – monitoring, maintenance, upgrades and decommissioning
  • Property management – including compliance inspections

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