Auckland Harbour Bridge - Road Lighting Renewal

The lighting in Auckland's iconic bridge was in a need for an upgrade. We offered an innovative system which offers reduction in energy and maintenance costs.


  • Auckland, New Zealand


  • Auckland Harbour Bridge Alliance / NZ Transport Agency

Project Value

  • $2m

Project Status

  • Complete: October 2010 - June 2019


There was a need for an upgrade of the existing lights, which were becoming unreliable and costly to maintain. With the need for night time lane closures to carry out maintenance activities, we suggested utilising new technology, which offers reductions in energy and maintenance costs. This coincided with the need to replace the original lighting poles, which were reaching the end of fatigue life due to vibration from bridge traffic and wind loading. Fatigue had been a concern for over a decade and required annual inspections and monitoring to detect cracks at high stress locations on the pole.


More than 140 High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps were replaced with low energy Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs). The new hot dip galvanized poles have been designed to withstand the applied loadings and vibrations, while combining the aesthetics of the original 1959 and 1969 poles. This ensures a visual continuation between the past and the future, while providing a low maintenance durable solution for the next 50 years. All up, 118 poles were installed by Total Bridge Services and delivered by the Auckland Harbour Bridge Alliance.


The solution has had an immediate impact, delivering over 50% power savings, lowering maintenance costs and significantly reducing light pollution from the bridge. Crucially, the new lights improve night time visibility for drivers and are more effective in the rain, making for a safer driving experience.

Auckland Harbour Bridge - Lighting Installation