$30m post-earthquake flood remediation and waterway enhancement scheme

The reduction in flooding in the Flockton area of Christchurch through detailed flood modelling analysis leading to waterway widening, landscape enhancement and infrastructure improvement.

The 2010/2011 Christchurch earthquakes caused considerable change to the waterways of the city, increasing peak flow water levels causing flooding and damaging infrastructure vital to the natural function of the creeks and tributaries that feed the Avon River. The reduction of flooding to pre-quake levels in the Flockton area of Christchurch, has been the primary driver for the WSP, Beca and Eos team working together on the Dudley Creek project

Detailed flood modelling and in the upstream zones of Dudley Creek, waterway widening, silt removal and infrastructural remediation will improve the existing waterways. In addition to this ecological and landscape values will be enhanced, including improving in-creek eel and fish habitats, new riparian and tree planting and improved pedestrian pathways. These interventions are carefully designed not to inhibit flood capacity at times of peak flow, and simultaneously provide an inviting and accessible waterway corridor for local residents and visitors when the creek is at its natural low flow level.   

Downstream, a significant overflow pipe will be installed to quickly and efficiently transfer flood water to the Avon River at times of peak flow, completing the substantial reduction of flood risk to local homes and businesses. 

As part of the Beca, WSP & Eos project team, WSP provided a range of services including:

  • Landscape architecture
  • Planning
  • Flood, civil, bridge, structural, traffic and geotechnical engineering
  • Project management

WSP is providing Christchurch with a sustainable and liveable environment that will help return the city to its pre-quake functional state. The project is expected to begin on site in September 2015 continue to 2016.