Rotorua Airport carpark and terminal pick up/drop off area

We were commissioned by Rotorua Airport to improve the public carpark capacity and the terminal pick up and drop off area to cope with increasing demands.


  • Bay of Plenty, New Zealand


  • Rotorua Airport

Project Value

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Project Status

  • Design - complete: November 2019. Construction – expected completion: 2021

Rotorua Airport plays an integral role in supporting the economic and social prosperity of the Rotorua region. In June 2019, the airport recorded its highest passenger numbers in a decade, with more than 265,000 people travelling through its gates. The airport is developing its facilities to better meet the increase in passenger numbers and to construct a building with more aesthetic appeal.

We were commissioned to improve the public carpark capacity within the existing carpark footprint as well as provide rental car parking capacity, taxi, shuttle, bus and public pick up and drop off areas outside the new and redeveloped airport terminal. This work included providing advice on layout and hardware that could support revenue collection from the parking and commercial operators using the carpark and drop off/pick up area.


We completed detailed analysis of the carpark space to ascertain the best possible options for the client. Regular meetings were held between Rotorua Airport and key stakeholders to enable open communication. We provided Rotorua Airport with detailed pricing and design for the car park. Several options were presented, all with a strong focus on customer-centred design and maximising revenue earning opportunities for the client. In anticipation of the constraints and risks associated with undertaking construction in a live terminal, we designed a building platform that could be raised or lowered as required. This flexibility in design allowed for flexibility in the construction phase, ensuring a successful building process.


The carpark solution has been partly implemented with the construction to be completed once the terminal works are complete. Once completed, the works will greatly improve the aesthetics, operational capacity, customer experience and positive property return for the airport. The new layout will increase the carpark capacity by more than 30% with 60 additional spaces. These new additions will support Rotorua Airport’s future growth.