Our web and multimedia services deliver bespoke design and programming services with which we create effective and compelling web-based and interactive media communication solutions.

WSP has been involved in mobile communications going back to the early days of TDMA and radio networks.

WSP has strong capability in mobile site acquisition, design and construction of cellular sites and telecommunications towers. We are currently working in New Zealand and Australia on projects delivering the LTE networks (4G) for the future.

We have long relationships with telecommunications companies, helping with the initial introduction of the TDMA network in the 1990's through the introduction of CDMA, EVDO and the construction of a GSM/UMTS network, involving the creation of well over 1000 sites.

With sophisticated computer programmes we can provide economic tower designs for any combination of site conditions and head load requirements.


Our experience in New Zealand

Our multi-disciplinary approach means we can provide comprehensive engineering services for communication towers, from initial investigations, to concept design and approvals, construction supervision and overall project management including maintenance and programming.

We have environmental planners to deal with any Resource Management Act issues, geotechnical engineers to investigate sites with difficult soil conditions, structural engineers to design the tower and base and supervise its construction, and project managers to coordinate the many parties and services involved.