We offer unique access to all of NZ Aerial Mapping’s aerial photography library consisting of approximately 800,000 images from 78 years’ worth of work covering all of New Zealand. As well as the Crown scanned archive we have access to thousands of other surveys. From simple stereo pair contact prints through to digital orthorectified GIS ready imagery. Utilising our staff’s combined 34 years’ experience in the aerial mapping industry, you can leverage our knowledge for all your aerial mapping needs.


Oblique Photographs

What is an oblique photograph?

Falling under aerial photography, typically an oblique photograph will be taken with the axis of a camera between the horizontal plane of the ground and the vertical plan of perpendicular to the ground.

There are two types of oblique options - high and low oblique. High oblique photographs will include the locations horizon, a low oblique photograph will show only the surface of the earth. For more information speak to our team.

Contact prints and stereo pairs

We can provide contact of the full frame print negative at 1:1 scale provided as a hard copy photographic print. This is often supplied in neighbouring pairs for viewing in a stereo environment.

What is a contact print?

A contact print is a photo that is produced from film. In some cases, the photo is produced from a film negative, in other cases its made from a film positive. They can be used as an item of proof, usually for map-making or analysis of a site.

What is a stereo print/pair?

A stereo print or stereoscopy is a photographic technique. A stereo print will enhance the depth of an image by giving a three-dimensional effect. A stereo pair image contains two views of a scene, often location. Each image is intended to be viewed separately by each eye. These images can be viewed with equipment that directs the eye to the appropriate image. However, you can view the images without the tool.


Photographic enlargements are available cropped to your area of interest, scaled if required. Printed at up to 44" wide on high-quality photographic paper with UV protective archival inks.

What is enlargement?

Enlargement is a photographic printing process. It involves enlarging a specific area for detailed analysis of a photo. This is often used for geographic mapping.

Ortho-rectified geo-referenced images

Geometrically corrected, unlike an uncorrected aerial photograph, an orthophoto can be used to measure true distances as you would a map.  Commonly used in planning and (farm) mapping software

What is Ortho-rectified imagery?

Ortho-rectified images are used for geographic referencing. The process of ortho-rectified photography removes the effects of image tilting and terrain effects for the purpose of creating a horizontally correct image. Images are placed in their true position when orthorectified.

Digital Files

Digital files are scanned directly from the negative/s for the clearest possible image every time.

We can provide any of our products and services as a digital file. Where prints are the customer's preferred end product, we encourage our high-quality printing services, to provide you with a TRUE colour print on archival quality papers and with UV protective archival inks.

What is a digital file?

A digital file is can be on memory cards, USB ports or computer hard disks. They can be stored as different file formats and provides the accessibility of editing.