Scholarship recipients

We profile six of our scholarships recipients from all around the country and ask them about their experience at WSP.


Githmi Amarasekera

My internship at WSP was an amazing experience, I learned so much about engineering in the real world. I loved going to work every day to be surrounded by such a knowledgeable and supportive team who inspired me with the passion they had for their work. Working with an incredible team in such an innovative company allowed me to learn how to accomplish my goals and grow my career. I am truly grateful to have received this scholarship, it couldn't have come at a more appropriate time. With this, I will finally be able to upgrade my laptop that is currently falling apart. It will also help relieve some of the pressure off paying my rent. Thanks WSP!


Rhiannon Fechney

Thank you again so much for this scholarship!  Thank you also for providing me the opportunity to work in two different WSP offices over my two summer internships. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in both offices and learnt so much more than I anticipated. I appreciated all the time and effort that was put towards me by numerous WSP staff. Everyone was so welcoming and eager to help!


Samuel Hammond

The WSP Scholarship provides the opportunity to assist my final year of study at Massey University. This scholarship will ensure I can apply myself in a focused and undivided manner. This scholarship follows a Planning Internship with WSP over the 2019-2020 Summer. During my time with WSP, I've had real-world experience presented in a professional environment. My internship opportunity has provided a learning environment, and I’m excited to see what my future at WSP holds.


Diana Solis Trueba

I just want to thank WSP for the scholarship. I have enjoyed and learnt a lot from my work experience at WSP Invercargill. During my time here, everyone was really keen to make me feel part of the team and always shared their knowledge with me. For this reason, I am thrilled to know I will be joining the team in 2021.


Jack Pilet

My long-term goal is to become the best engineer that I can be. The WSP scholarship has allowed me to relax on part-time work for my final year of study and direct my focus on my education and towards my goal. This scholarship is especially impactful as lockdown has reduced part-time job opportunities. Thank you WSP, and I look forward to the Graduate Programme next year.


Jess Holland

My summer internship with WSP was a fantastic opportunity to develop my technical skills and gain confidence in my ability to apply what I learnt at university in the work environment. As a geography student I really enjoyed learning how to apply my geospatial knowledge in a new context. The engineering industry posed geospatial questions that I had not faced at university, but with the support of my team, I was able to address these challenges. The experience motivated me to further develop my analytical skills so I could address a wider range of problems in the future. As such, I am highly grateful to have received the WSP scholarship, so I can continue my education at Masters level.